5 reasons you should visit Malaysia’s best aquarium at least once in your lifetime!



Did you know that in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, you can actually see rare aquatic life such as arapaima, flying rays and even piranhas? Yes, at Aquaria KLCC, a state-of-the-art aquarium located beneath the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and near the impressive twin towers, Aquaria is the hidden jewel of the centre of Kuala Lumpur. Here are five reasons why you should wade right in and put this unique natural entertainment experience on your bucket list right now!

1. You can discover fascinating marine animals that you’ll almost never see in your lifetime!

Aquaria KLCC has an amazing showcase of 5,000 aquatic creature exhibits spread over 60,000 square feet of space. For starters, they have seven species of sharks such as the fearsome sand tiger sharks, blacktip and white tip reef sharks, zebra sharks, tawny nurse sharks, wobbegong sharks, and brownbanded bamboo sharks. Not to mention the otters, seahorses, jellyfishes, spider crabs, lionfish and so on, all spread out in different exhibitions such as shipwreck zone, aquatheatre, coastal nursery and more. Unless you’re a navy explorer like Jacques Cousteau or a wildlife documentary maker like David Attenborough, you’d never get a chance like this to get up close and personal with this incredible array of animals all in one place!

2. You can swim with the sharks!

If you grew up watching Jaws the movie, you’ll have a horrifying idea of sharks and their scary jaws. Believe or not, at Aquaria KLCC, you can suit up and take the dive into the beautiful aquarium and watch these elegant, calm predators of the sea glide in the water, right before you. While many divers go to far away locations in the hope of spotting some sharks, but here at Aquaria, you can do just that. Plus, you’ll also meet impressive animals such as giant groupers, wrasse and turtles. This activity is for certified divers only, so divers, give this a try! For non-divers, there’s an adrenaline-filled alternative. Sign up for Cafe Rage, where you can enter an underwater cage and watch the sharks as they swim outside the cage.

3. You can take a selfie with a stingray in the Underwater Tunnel - the largest underwater glass tunnel in Malaysia.

Aquaria features a 90-metre long transparent tunnel with even a built-in travellator for visitors to enjoy the view of the Living Ocean exhibit. It’s such a wonderful and calming experience as graceful stingrays soar above you like a magic carpet, the occasional moray eel sticks its head out. and shoals of fishes dart in and out of the corals. Please note that shark feedings take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 3pm! Keep an eye out to see if you can spot Kismet, the largest resident green sea turtle in the aquarium! Did you know the 23.5 million litre saltwater oceanarium tank takes a month to fill up?

4. You can sleep with the sharks!

Instead of Night At The Museum, kids can now experience Night At the Aquarium at Aquaria KLCC with Sleep With Sharks - a special kids-only programme designed for children from ages six to thirteen to spend the night at Aquaria. Just how cool is that! Kids get to learn about nocturnal marine life, find out about the wonders of the underwater world, join feeding sessions with otters, piranhas, sharks, and more! To wrap up the experience, children will then set up their sleeping bags and mats right in front of the huge tank and have the most wonderful sleepover ever. Just imagine drifting off to dreamland while watching sea life. This will be an experience they’ll never forget.

5. You can watch the show of a lifetime!

As a stunning event space, Aquaria is no stranger to special events such as proposals, underwater lion dance and unbelievably, even an underwater football match! This year, Aquaria KLCC will be debuting their first ever underwater magic show for Christmas! 25, 29 and 30 December. Always remember to check out their Facebook page for special events to make your visit all the more memorable. With a diverse array of underwater life, lots of different experiences (a flooded forest with arapaimas and piranhas to mimic the Amazon, a touch pool where you can touch starfishes and sea cucumbers, a shipwreck zone, and even a special jellyfish display), Aquaria KLCC is the place for a perfect day out - for a fun family outing, a romantic date, or just an unmissable travel experience in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and head to Aquaria KLCC now!

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