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Day 1 - Hakodate

Start your day in Hakodate exploring the morning market as well as Japan's first western style fortress, Fort Goryokaku. Head for Mount Hakodate towards sunset and enjoy the celebrated night view over the city.

Day 2 - Hakodate to Lake Toya

Travel by train from Hakodate to Lake Toya. Take the Usuzan Ropeway to get panoramic views of Lake Toya and Showa Shinzan or follow the walking trails around the mountain's newer craters to see ruins caused by the eruption in 2000. Overnight in Toyako Onsen.

Day 3 - Lake Toya to Noboribetsu

Not far from Lake Toya is Noboribetsu, Hokkaido's most celebrated hot spring resort. Enjoy the high quality waters and explore the water's source, the hell valley. Overnight at one of the town's onsen ryokan.

Day 4 and 5 - Sapporo

Proceed to Sapporo, the capital city of Hokkaido, and spend the next three nights there. Attractions in Sapporo include Moerenuma Park, Mount Moiwa and Susukino among others.

Day 6 - Day trip to Otaru

Make a side trip to Otaru, about 40 minutes from Sapporo by train. Check out the beautifully preserved canal area and merchant street.

Day 7 - Sapporo to Furano

Travel from Sapporo to Furano, known for its flower fields. Overnight in Furano.

Day 8 - Furano to Asahidake Onsen via Biei

Drop by Biei, a town surrounded by picturesque landscape and flower fields on your way to Asahidake Onsen. Stay in Asahidake Onsen for the next two nights.

Day 9 - Daisetsuzan National Park

From Asahidake Onsen, explore Daisetsuzan National Park, Japan's largest national park and a paradise for hikers and outdoor lovers.

Day 10 - Asahidake Onsen to Asahikawa

Proceed to Asahikawa, Hokkaido's second largest city and best best known for its zoo and ramen. Stay one night in Asahikawa.

Day 11 - Asahikawa to Sounkyo

Travel from Asahikawa to Sounkyo Onsen, a hot spring in Daisetsuzan National Park. The town is also a good base for walks and hikes further into the national park with ropeway access to Mount Kurodake.

Day 12 and 14 - Shiretoko National Park

Travel from Sounkyo to Shiretoko National Park, another of Japan's most beautiful and unspoiled national parks. Enjoy exploring the national park and spend two nights on the peninsula.

Day 15 - Shiretoko to Akan

Proceed southwards from Shiretoko to Kawayu Onsen in Akan National Park. The national park is known for its three beautiful lakes: Lake Akan, Lake Mashu and Lake Kussharo.

Day 16 - Akan to Kushiro

Stop by the Kushiro Marshland on the way to Kushiro. The park supports the only known population of endangered Japanese cranes. Kushiro Airport provides flights to Sapporo, Tokyo and a few other destinations.


While June represents the wettest months in cities across Japan for rainy season (tsuyu), Hokkaido is lucky enough to escape it altogether. As late June brings with it the Lavender Season across Hokkaido. Stretching through to late August, Lavender Season can be seen best within the popular tourist city of Furano.

Average Temperature: 16°C – 23°C (61°F – 73°F)


To enjoy these months to their fullest be sure to visit the waterfalls of the Takino Suzuran National Park in Sapporo. Or, if you prefer an easier walk, head for the vast expanse of Nakajima Koen. This historic park, set in central Sapporo, offers plentiful photo opportunities for amateur enthusiasts and professional photographers alike.

Average Temperature: 5°C – 16°C (41°F – 61°F)


you will find ice slide, sledding, rafting, and snow mobile rides on offer. While the Sapporo Snow Festival, and other local variants, offer a series of games, and snow sculptures that have to be seen to be believed. The Snow Festival runs between February 5th and 11th annually, and should be a key item on your itinerary if possible.

Average Temperature: -4°C – -1°C (25°F – 30°F)


The best places to experience the cherry blossoms in Hokkaido are the Maruyama Park and Hokkaido Shrine, Odori Park, and Moerenuma Park. Maruyama Park, in particular, offers an expansive and spectacular park with which to navigate, enjoy, and picture in equal measure. While a visit to the Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park offers an exploration a gorgeous tulip field complete with windmill that echoes the terrains of the Netherlands.

Average Temperature: 1°C – 12°C (34°F – 54°F)

Some famous cities in Hokkaido:



3.Noboribetsu 登别


5.Asahikawa 旭川市

6.Furano 富良野

7.Abashiri 网走


D1北海道大学(1.5小时) → 白色恋人巧克力工厂(2小时) → 北海道神宫(1.5小时) → 薄野欢乐街(2小时)

D2北海道旧本厅舍(1.5小时) → 札幌市大通公园(2小时) → 札幌电视塔(2小时) → 狸小路商业街(2小时)

Sapporo Itinerary (2 Days)

D1: Hokkaido University - Shiroi Koibito park - Hokkaido Kingu - Susukino

D2: Hokkaido Tyou Kyuuhontyou Sya - Odori Koen - Sapporo TV Tower - Tanuki Koji Shopping Mall

Shiroi Koibito Park is a fantastic space based on the ideals of deliciousness, fun and stories of sweets from a bygone era.

In addition to housing the Shiroi Koibito Factory where this well-known Hokkaido confectionery is produced, the park also has a cafe to allow visitors to savor Ishiya’s original sweets, the Cookiecraft Studio (where budding confectioners can try their hand at making their own Shiroi Koibito cookies), a toy exhibition room and the Rose Garden.

Hokkaidō Shrine (Hokkaidō Jingū) is one of the country's most important (and visited) Shinto religious sites. The site is massive, and in addition to the huge temple building, it consists of a large garden replete with cherry blossoms, a big draw when in bloom each spring.

Address: 474 Miyagaoka, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Susukino is packed with stores, bars, restaurants, karaoke shops, pachinko parlors and red light establishments. Of special interest to noodle lovers is the Ramen Yokocho, a narrow lane lined with shops serving Sapporo's famous ramen.

In February, Susukino serves as a site of the Snow Festival, hosting an ice sculpture competition.

See Sapporo's most famous building

Built in 1888, this red-brick neo-Baroque beauty makes a strong case for the title of most beautiful building in Sapporo, and the night-time light-up only adds to the splendour. There's a free museum inside.

Eat, pray, shop

A whopping 200 shops and restaurants line this 900m-long arcade that's come pretty far since opening in 1873. Grab a quick lunch, stop by Tanuki Shrine to pray for luck in business, or just take in the old-school vibe.

Stroll through the heart of Sapporo

Cutting across the city centre, Odori Park offers the classic Sapporo photo op: a highway of greenery leading up to the landmark TV Tower. Summer sees beer gardens spread out on the lawns, while the famous Snow Festival takes place here in mid-winter.

The 147-meter-tall Sapporo TV Tower (Sapporo Terebi-tō) remains one of the city's most visited landmarks. Easily accessible from Odori Avenue Park, the tower offers superb views over Sapporo from its observation deck as well as from its restaurant.


D1 函馆朝市(2小时) → 五棱郭公园(2小时) → 函馆山(2.5小时)

Recommended itinerary (1 Day)

D1: Hakodate Asaichi - Goryokaku Park - Hakodateyama Yakei


D1 登别地狱谷(2小时) → 登别熊牧场(1.5小时) → 登别温泉街(2小时)

D2 地球岬(2小时) → 登别尼克斯海洋公园(1.5小时) → 伊达时代村(2小时)

Recommended Itinerary (2 Days)

D1 : Noboribetsu Jigokudani - Noboribetsu Bear Ranch - Relax in a hot spring

D2: Cape Chikyu - Marine Park Nixe - Noboribetsu Date Jidai Mura


D1小樽运河(1小时) → 大正哨子馆(1.5小时) → 小樽八音盒堂(别馆)(1.5小时)

Recommended Itinerary (1 Day)

D1 : Otaru Unga - Former Otaru warehouse - Otaru Taishuo Glass Palace - Otaru Orgel Museum


D1 旭山动物园 - 男山酒造资料馆 - 雪之美术馆

Recommended Itinerary (1 Day)

D1: Asahiyama zoo - Otokoyama sake museum - Snow Museum


D1 福田农场 - Highland富良野 - 森之时计咖啡馆 - 富良野起司工坊

Recommended Itinerary

D1 Farm Tomita - Highland Furano - Drink a cup of coffee - Furano Chizu Kobou

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