【Genting Dream Destination Cruise Complete Guide】



You guys must have a lot of questions about the Genting Dream Cruise right? Where to get on board? What do I need to prepare? Anything fun? Admin has compiled a guide here to answer your doubts 🤣Everything You Need To Know About The New Resorts World Cruises. Hope can answer your doubt ❤

Genting Dream is a luxury cruise ship 🛳 that can carry 3300 passengers! 🤯 The rooms are not only spacious but also have many choices! Room options include interior stateroom, Oceanview stateroom, balcony room, balcony deluxe room, palace suite and more! 👑

Genting Dream Destination Cruise

Genting Dream has a total of 19 Deck

  • Deck 5 to Deck 8 — Entertainment facilities, restaurants, bars, lobby, etc.
  • Deck 9 to Deck 13 — Rooms
  • Deck 15 to Deck 19 — Western Spa, Fitness Centre, Water Activities, Restaurant, Ropes Course, Mini-Golf, Rock Climbing Wall, etc.

Room Type

  • Palace Deluxe Suite

From 41 sq.m | Max Occupancy 4 | Deck 15

1 Queen-size Bed + 1 Double Sofa Bed

  • Palace Suite

From 37 sq.m | Max Occupancy 4 | Deck 13/15/16/17

1 Queen-size Bed + 1 Double Sofa Bed

  • Balcony Stateroom

From 20 sq.m |Max Occupancy 3 – 4| Deck 8/9/10/11/12/13/15

1 Queen-size Bed +1 Single Sofa Bed/ 1 Single Sofa Bed +1 Ceiling Pullman Bed

  • Oceanview Stateroom

From 16 sq.m | Max Occupancy 2 – 4 | Deck 5/9/10/11/12/13

2 Single Beds/ 2 Single Beds + 1 Single Sofa Bed/ 2 Single Beds + 1 Single/ Sofa Bed + 1 Ceiling Pullman Bed

Interior Stateroom

From 13 sq.m | Max Occupancy 2 – 4^ | Deck 5/8/9/10/11/12/13/15

2 Single Beds/ 2 Single Beds + 1 Ceiling Pullman Bed/ 1 Single Bed +1 Pullman Bed + 1 Double Sofa Bed

Entertainment on board

Explore the exciting restaurants, bars and cafes offering dishes and drinks you know and love plus many you’ve yet to discover. Then take your pick from our world-class theatre shows, parties, performances, classes and facilities - there’s something going on somewhere, all day.

Waterslide Park

📌Location: Deck 17 Afterdeck

🕐Operating Hours: 09:00 - 13:00 | 15:00 - 19:00

Rock Climbing Wall, Ropes Course & Zip Line

📌Location: Deck 18 Afterdeck

🕐Operating Hours: 09:00 - 12:30 | 15:00 - 18:30

Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi

📌Location: Deck 16 Middle

🕐Operating Hours: 08:00 - 22:00


📌Location: Deck 19 Afterdeck

🕐Operating Hours: 09:00 - 18:00

Open Play (Mini Golf, Table Tennis, Gaint Chess)

📌Location: Deck 18 Afterdeck

🕐Operating Hours: 09:00 - 20:00

Little Dreamers Club

📌Location: Deck 16 Middle

🕐Operating Hours: 09:00 - 11:30|14:00 - 18:00|19:00 - 23:30

Arcade* *Charges apply

📌Location: Deck 16 Forward

🕐Operating Hours: 11:00 - 01:00

Zouk & Zouk Beach Club* *Charges apply

📌Location: Deck 17 Afterdeck

🕐Operating Hours: 10:00 - 01:00

Foam Party: 16:30 - 18:00 ^Pre-registration is required.

Outdoor Cinema

*Operating hours are subject to the RW Daily

Zodiac Theatre

*Operating hours are subject to the RW Daily

Genting Dream Casino

**All operating hours still need to refer back to the [RW DAILY] that you get on the day. **

Genting Dreams Complimentary Restaurant

The Lido - International and Halal Cuisine

📌Location: Deck 16 Afterdeck

🕐Operating Hours: Breakfast 06:30 - 10:00| Lunch 11:30 - 14:00| Dinner 18:00 - 21:30

The Lido Outdoor Snacks Corner

📌Location: Deck 16 Afterdeck

🕐Operating Hours: Breakfast 06:30 - 10:00| Lunch 11:30 - 14:00| Dinner 18:00 - 21:30

Dream Dining Room Upper - Chinese Set Menu

📌Location: Deck 8 Afterdeck

🕐Operating Hours: Breakfast 06:30 - 10:00| Lunch 11:30 - 14:00| Dinner 17:30 - 21:00

Dream Dining Room Lower

📌Location: Deck 7 Afterdeck

🕐Operating Hours:

Breakfast 06:30 - 10:00 (International Buffet)

Lunch 11:30 - 14:00 (Western Semi Buffet)

Dinner 17:30 - 21:00 (Chinese Set Menu)

Other Restaurants onboard Genting Dream

Genting Dream Cruise Q&A

1. Is a Port Charge mandatory?

Yes. Port Charge is based on headcount.

3D2N RM250 per pax| 4D3N RM280 per pax | 6D5N RM420 per pax

2. Do I need to bring my Passport?

Yes. This cruise will be sailing to Singapore. A passport is still required even if you don't get off the ship. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months.

3. Can I go if I am not a Malaysian?

The following conditions must be met:

  • Have a working permit OR
  • Have a study permit OR
  • Possess MM2H visa OR
  • Multiple Entry Visa

4. What currency is used on board?

Singapore Dollar (SGD) is used for purchases on board. The cruise only accepts [CASH - SGD] and [CREDIT CARD]; The cruise also has [money exchange service]. Admin suggests you change the [SGD Singapore Dollar] in Malaysia before boarding the ship. Because the exchange rate on board is 1SGD=RM3.25.

5. Where to board?

Boarding at Port Klang Cruise Terminal (PKCT).

6. Is there a parking lot at Port Klang?

Yes, RM20 per day. But park at your own risk.

7. What are the general procedures for boarding the cruise?

Check-in luggage* 🧳 (Optional)> Get your boarding card> Security check> Cruise staff will collect your passport> Boarding

*If your luggage is larger than 55cmx25cmx40cm, the staff will ask you to check in the luggage before your boarding.

8. Do I need to do a RTK Test?

No, from 29 Aug 2022 sailing, guests embarking on the Genting Dream will no longer be required a pre-cruise RTK Test for COVID-19. Passengers above the age of 12 will still need to be fully vaccinated before boarding the cruise.

9. What if tested COVID-19 positive? Can refund me or not?

No, you can only postpone it to the next date.

10. Is there WiFi available aboard this cruise?

There are plenty of WiFi Packages available for purchase aboard the cruise.

11. How to check in?

Guest must visit www.rwcruises.com under the Manage My Cruise section for mandatory Online Check-In, The Online check-in for the cruise will be available 72 hours prior to sailing and closes 24 hours before sailing. If you have any questions, you can arrive on the boat early and ask the staff to help you with the check-in process.

12. What is the purpose of the boarding card?

The boarding card is very important! You need to carry this card with you! The boarding card is the same as your room card and credit card. If you enter all the restaurants or have extra spending, you will use this card. The day before you leave the cruise, you can go to the reception counter on the 6th floor to pay for all your purchases on the ship and get your passport back.

13. Can I bring alcohol or drinks?

You can't bring alcohol on board (because you will go through customs, and customs will fine you.) Admin was not sure about drinks. But Mineral water is allowed.

14. Is the food free of charge?

There are 3 complimentary restaurants to choose from (Chinese, Western, and International Buffet), the other restaurants need to be paid for (Japanese, hotpot, Western. Bar, etc.).

15. Any entertainment facilities are free of charge?

Entertainment facilities include Waterslide Park, Swimming Pools, Jacuzzi, Rope Course & Zipline, Mini Golf, Table Tennis, Rock climbing, and Zodiac Theatre are FOC** Other entertainment facilities require payment.

16. How do I know all the programme itineraries on board?

Each room will have an itinerary, if you want a Chinese version you can ask for it at the counter in the lobby on the 6th floor.

17. Do I need to wear a swimsuit to play water facilities?

Yes. If you don't wear a swimsuit, the staff will prohibit you from playing in the water facilities.

18. Can I get off the cruise in Singapore/ Penang?

Yes, there will be 8 hours free & easy time.

19. Do I have to give a Gratuity Fee (tips) when check-out?

Yes, there will be 8 hours of free time. *Final notice is subject to the day. 【Gratuity Fee】is a fancy-sounding term that cruise lines use for tips. Just like in restaurants and hotels, guests on many cruises are generally expected to leave tips for certain cruise staff members serving them.

20. Where can I buy this package?

You can buy this package from Travelog's official website.

Genting Dream Cruise currently have 3 packages for you to choose from!

【𝗣𝗮𝗰𝗸𝗮𝗴𝗲 𝗔: 𝟯𝗗𝟮𝗡】

📅Departure date: Every Thursday

⏰Departure/Arrival time: Departure 08:00p.m. | Arrival 08:00a.m.

⛴️Sailing Location: Port Klang > Singapore > Port Klang

🔗Book at Travelog👉 https://tvlg.co/3vgTpXx

【𝗣𝗮𝗰𝗸𝗮𝗴𝗲 𝗕: 𝟯𝗗𝟮𝗡】

📅 Date: Every Saturday

⏰Departure/Arrival time: Departure 11:30a.m. | Arrival 08:00a.m.

⛴️Sailing Location: Port Klang > Singapore > Port Klang

🔗Book at Travelog👉 https://tvlg.co/3vgTpXx

【𝗣𝗮𝗰𝗸𝗮𝗴𝗲 𝗖: 𝟰𝗗𝟯𝗡】

📅Date: Every Monday

⏰Departure/Arrival time: Departure 04:00p.m. | Arrival 10:00a.m.

⛴️Sailing Location: Port Klang > Penang > Singapore > Port Klang

🔗Book at Travelog👉 https://tvlg.co/3dEt3sF

For more details, please visit Travelog.com official website.

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